Our story

Fragsheet was founded in Stockholm, Sweden 2022 by Niles Marcko and Rasmus Hammer. The two founders share a common interest in gaming and sought out to find a solution to everyday problems experienced as a gamer. With background in financials and programming, the product started to come together. Since then Fragsheet has quickly grown in terms of employees team and product.

The vision is to to make gaming a better experience for everyone. Thanks to our advanced algoritms, but easy to use products, we can see the vision come to life. A crucial part of our vision is to reduce toxicity within the gaming world. Embedded in our algorithm is a behavior rating system that allows us, and our partners, to come closer to the goal of a nontoxic gaming world.

The mission is to be the most trusted matchmaking service for gamers in the world. Due to experience, the gamers at Fragsheet know that it is hard to become a trustworthy tool within the gaming business. Our mission is therefore not to become a replacement for the tools gamers already use but to be the one that unites. Making it easy for gamers to connect, chat and play!


Our product

On Fragsheet.com you will find various ways to connect gamers that share common interests. The matchmaking algorithm is adjusted so that gamers can choose the qualities they desire in a player – including age, rank, game etc. This can be done by changing preferences and adapting a search, or through one click based on the information you include in your profile. The algorithm includes a behavior rating system that insures gamers of safe gaming. The product also acts as a tournament hub, where different tournaments from different organizers can be found all in one place and can of course be adapted to your search.




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Our team today includes people with diverse backgrounds but with a strong shared love for gaming. Today the team consists of ten people located at our office in central Stockholm, Sweden. We strive to work together and efficiently to optimize the abilities of our product. The launch of the full product is estimated to be in September 2022.

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